A New Protocol for Non Fungible Intelligence™
A New Protocol for Non Fungible Intelligence™

How ASM Works

Create, compete, and interact with AI Agents across many gaming worlds, financial applications, and Metaverses. Create new Agents, or use ASM to give your existing NFT a brain.

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For Developers

Add AI Agents to bring lucrative NFT minting, ownership and trading mechanics to your new or existing platform. Supports finance, service and gaming applications.

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A world-first decentralized platform for developers and NFT owners.
Create, Train and Own Non Fungible Intelligence (NFI).

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We’re powering the new generation of online interaction where people create, train
and compete with Artificial Intelligence agents.

ASM for Gaming

ASM is a platform and protocol for the own-ability, trade-ability, composability, and interoperability of smart AI agents in any gaming world, arena, or universe.

Create games based entirely on autonomous Agents. Or add a new economic layer to player-controlled games with smart power-ups and in-game assistants.

ASM for Finance

Create, train and trade smart Agents for financial applications.

Digital proofs-of-ownership on the blockchain allow for shared ownership of training costs, and automated distribution of profit.

DeFi DeFi

DeFi Market Oracle Agent

finance finance

Trading Agent

chatbot chatbot


digital-ass digital-ass

Digital Assistants

ASM for Metaverses

The future of the digital world will be expansive and complex. Smart agents will help us navigate these always-on spaces.

Altered State Machine creates new building blocks so that today’s chatbots, voice assistants and non-player characters (NPCs) can evolve to become next-gen smart sidekicks.