Add smart, trainable

AI Agents to your

app or game.


Add smart, trainable
AI Agents to your
app or game.

ASM provides Web3 applications the ability to define interoperable specifications for AI/ML models. These models can then be attached to an ASM ‘Brain’ NFT, which is provably owned on the blockchain.

Multiple AI capabilities can be composed under a single ASM Brain to create complex and highly capable AI. These can then be paired with a Form or Avatar to create autonomous AI Agents ready for the Metaverse.


Learn to train your own AI Agent

Try Paddi, a futuristic take on a nostalgic arcade game where you can train an AI Agent to compete in your place. This is a demo driven by a protocol for ownable, trainable and tradable decentralized Artificial Intelligence.

Take it one step further by building custom versions of Paddi using the open-source ASM AI Protocol in our GitHub repo.

ASTO Token Economy

Our ecosystem has a native token, ASTO. It will govern the ASM AI Protocol DAO, will be used to train AI Agents, purchase assets, generate ASTO-Energy (Æ) and in-game transactions.

Intelligence Mining

The ASM platform will enable developers to set up Gyms; GPU powered ML training algorithms that give players AI Agents the ability to learn and improve. A new and powerful revenue stream for developers.

Hereditary AI

Genesis ASM Brain NFT’s will have the ability to splice to create a new brain that inherits dominant elements of their genome matrices, along with experience and training by way of memories.

IPFS Connectors

IPFS stores the memories and Machine Learning (ML) data associated with ASM Brain NFTs. The ASM network ensures ownership of the AI models by making the connection between IPFS and NFTs.