Add smart, trainable
AI Agents to your app or game

Join the Non-Fungible Intelligence revolution. Empower your players with economic incentives to train, trade, and play-to-earn.


ASTO Token Economy

Our ecosystem has a native token, the $ASTO. It governs the Altered State Protocol DAO and ecosystem and drives the economy. Holders can use $ASTO to buy and train Agents, and much more.

Intelligence Mining

The ASM platform enables developers to set up “gyms:, GPU powered ML training algorithms that give players smart Agents the ability to learn and improve. A new and powerful revenue stream for developers.

Hereditary AI

At the core of each ASM Brain NFT is a Genome a personality matrix containing the Agent’s “genetic code”. Brains can be bred together to create offspring that inherit elements of their matrix, passing strengths down through the generations.

IPFS Connectors

IPFS stores the memories and artwork associated with Form NFTs, and the ML data that comprise Memories. The ASM network ensures each Agent has ownership by making the connection between IPFS and NFTs.

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