Make trainable
AI-powered agents. Own and trade them using NFTs

Give your existing NFT a brain.
Create and train novel new Agents. You own the smarts, and the benefits.



At the base of every Agent is a Genome, a universal structure with randomised values... your Agent’s DNA.

Depending on the World the Agent is in, its base values are expressed as qualities like strength, speed and size (in gaming) or risk tolerance and randomness (in finance).


The visual representation of your character... what it looks like and how it works. Forms are what enable an agent to operate in its world... they give it physical form and qualities.

Bring your existing NFT art or model from another part of the metaverse, or create entirely new forms.


The outputs of Agent training are stored as Memories.

Memories are specific to the Agents GEnome and the world they were formed in. Each agent can have dozens or hundreds of Memories, created in Different Worlds.

Many worlds, many possibilities

Worlds are applications anywhere in the Metaverse using the ASM platform.

Worlds come in an unlimited variety... from financial markets, to sports fields to combat zones to beach bars. As new worlds grow, new Forms and Memories are created to explore them.

Train your agents to improve and grow

Agents can learn, grow, and improve through training. Training happens in a Gym, an ML model trainer specific to each World, and designed to improve the Agents performance in that world. The ML model uses a neural network, and acts in synergy with the Agents unique Genome... so the outcomes for each Agent are unique.

Earn from your efforts

Train the best Agent, and reap the rewards. Build and train your Agents, then trade them on the open market with players who want a head start. ASM NFTs are fully compatible with major platforms like OpenSEA.

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